Austrian-Style Sourdough Rye Loaf

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Weight: approx 1.1 kg

This wonderful dark rye loaf is baked in a tin, making it easier to be sliced.

It smells like the Alps in Austria: earthy, wholesome and both bitter and sweet at the same time. It makes you think of hiking in the sunshine just to stop for a beer and a slice of rye bread with butter on top... Heavenly!

We love it with butter and black currant jam or marmalade, but try it also with cheese or salami ;)

The loaf is packed with wonderful sunflower seeds and coated in rye flakes, it's left to self-ferment for at least 15 hours so it gets all the flavours of the organic and wholemeal rye flour, the seeds and the treacle. Plus point of this bread? It's very moist, making it last soft for longer.

Impossible not to fall in love.


Water, wholemeal organic rye flour, organic untreated white flour, sunflower seeds, black treacle, rye flakes, sea salt.


Wheat, rye (gluten), naturally occurring sulfites (treacle syrup).

Please note: all our products are made in a kitchen that handles nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans, pistachios, almonds), peanuts, sesame, wheat (gluten), dairy products, eggs.


I haven't been able to eat commercial bread since eating yours.

Zohreh, London

Thank you so much for the amazing cookies! They only arrived an hour ago and everyone loves them, only two left!! I'll be placing another order sooner than I thought!

Flora, Tunbridge Wells