Trick or Treat Halloween đź‘» Cookie Box

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Please read carefully the last preorder dates for Nationwide shipping and South - West London delivery at the end of the allergens list. Late orders will not be taken as these cookies are hand-decorated and take longer to be prepared.

Our Halloween special cookie box will make all your Treat-dreams come true!

All our cookies are handmade and hand-decorated in house.

The Single Box contains:

  • The Spider: one Kinder and Nutella stuffed giant Chocolate Chip Cookie. A soft and gooey cookie, filled with chocolate chips and Kinder Chocolate, and stuffed with Nutella and Kinder Bueno!  
  • The Mummy: one double chocolate & mint giant cookie. A cocoa chocolate chip cookie stuffed with pieces of Mint Aero.
  • The Spooky Pumpkin: 2 hand decorated vanilla cookies.
  • The Embossed Pumpkin: 2 pumpkin spice tea biscuits with a fun Halloween embossing.

The Double Box contains:

  • 2 Spider Giant Cookies
  • 2 Mummies
  • 4 Spooky Pumpkins
  • 4 Embossed Pumpkin Spice tea biscuits.

 We pack and ship all our cookies in plastic free and compostable packaging.


The Spider: flour, butter, sugar, Callebaut dark chocolate chips, eggs, Kinder Chocolate (Fine MILK chocolate 40% (sugar, MILK powder, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, emulsifier: lecithins (SOYA), vanillin), sugar, skimmed MILK powder, palm oil, concentrated BUTTER, emulsifier: lecithins (SOYA), vanillin.), Nutella (Sugar, Palm Oil, Hazelnuts 13%, Skimmed Milk Powder 8.7%, Fat-Reduced Cocoa 7.4%, Emulsifier: Lecithin of Soya, Vanillin), Kinder Bueno (MILK CHOCOLATE 31.5% (SUGAR, COCOA BUTTER, COCOA MASS, SKIMMED MILK POWDER, CONCENTRATED BUTTER, EMULSIFIER: LECITHINS (SOYA), VANILLIN), SUGAR, PALM OIL, WHEAT FLOUR, HAZELNUTS (10.5%), SKIMMED MILK POWDER, MILK POWDER, CHOCOLATE (SUGAR, COCOA MASS, COCOA BUTTER, EMULSIFIER: LECITHINS (SOYA), VANILLIN), FAT-REDUCED COCOA, EMULSIFIER: LECITHINS (SOYA), RAISING AGENTS (SODIUM BICARBONATE, AMMONIUM BICARBONATE), SALT, VANILLIN.), bicarbonate of soda, sea salt flakes, edible black pearls (Sugar, Starch- (WHEAT/MAIZE),Glucose Syrup, Colour: (Vegetable Carbon - E153), Glazing agent).

The Mummy: Flour, sugar, Callebaut dark chocolate chips, butter, Mint Aero (Sugar, Vegetable fats (Mango kernel/ Palm/ Sal/ Shea, Sunflower, Coconut), Lactose and proteins from whey (from Milk), Whey powder (from Milk), Skimmed milk powder, Dried whole milk, Cocoa butter, Cocoa mass, Butterfat (from Milk), Emulsifier (Sunflower lecithin), Glazing agent (Gum arabic), Glucose syrup, Natural flavouring, Colours (Copper complexes of chlorophyllins, Curcumin), eggs, cocoa powder, bicarbonate of soda, mint extract, sea salt flakes, edible eyes (Sugar, Egg Albumen, Colour: E153).

The Spooky Pumpkin: flour, sugar, butter, eggs, cornflour, orange zest, lemon zest, vanilla extract, sea salt, food colouring (Apricot/Tangerine: glycerol E422, propylene glycol E551, colours E155 & E133; Melon – Tartrazine (E102); Christmas Red – Allura Red (E129), Ponceau 4R (E124); Party Green – Quinoline (E104), Brilliant Blue (E133); Midnight Black – Ponceau 4R (E124), Brilliant Blue (E133), Quinoline (E104).

Due to the food colouring in the icing, we advise not to give these cookies to children under the age of 4.

Embossed Spiced Pumpkin Tea Biscuits: flour, butter, sugar, pumpkin puree, cornflour, orange zest, pumpkin spice mix (cinnamon, ginger, cloves, nutmeg). Egg free!


The Spider: wheat (gluten), dairy, cocoa, eggs, nuts (hazelnuts), soy.

The Mummy: wheat (gluten), dairy, eggs, cocoa.

The Spooky Pumpkin: wheat (gluten), dairy, eggs, citrus.

The Embossed Spiced Pumpkin tea biscuit: wheat (gluten), citrus (orange), dairy, nutmeg.

Please note: all our products are made in a kitchen that handles nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans, pistachios, almonds), peanuts, sesame, wheat (gluten), dairy products, eggs.

Nationwide shipping: available for preorder ONLY until the 27th of October. Orders for Halloween will be shipped on the 29th. Please allow at least 48 hours before shipping.

Available for delivery in South West London until Halloween (preorders only up to the 29th)!

Trick or Treat Halloween đź‘» Cookie Box
Trick or Treat Halloween đź‘» Cookie Box
Trick or Treat Halloween đź‘» Cookie Box
Trick or Treat Halloween đź‘» Cookie Box
Trick or Treat Halloween đź‘» Cookie Box
Trick or Treat Halloween đź‘» Cookie Box
Trick or Treat Halloween đź‘» Cookie Box
Trick or Treat Halloween đź‘» Cookie Box
Trick or Treat Halloween đź‘» Cookie Box


I haven't been able to eat commercial bread since eating yours.

Zohreh, London

Thank you so much for the amazing cookies! They only arrived an hour ago and everyone loves them, only two left!! I'll be placing another order sooner than I thought!

Flora, Tunbridge Wells